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Shining Bright atop Taipei 101 GIGABYTE Redefines AI Evolution Accelerated by Next-Generation Computing at COMPUTEX



Renowned globally for its research and development capabilities, GIGABYTE Technology will exhibit its products and solutions at COMPUTEX from June 4 to June 7 under the theme “ACCEVOLUTION,” acclaiming the new era of accelerated-computing and time of AI. AI remains a major trend, attracting industry leaders, including the highest number of CEOs in COMPUTEX history. In celebration, Taipei 101 will be illuminated for COMPUTEX, with GIGABYTE lighting it up on June 4 from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM, promoting the AI event and welcoming international guests.

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Shining Bright atop Taipei 101, GIGABYTE Redefines AI Evolution Accelerated by Next-Generation Computing at COMPUTEX (Photo: Business Wire)

Shining Bright atop Taipei 101, GIGABYTE Redefines AI Evolution Accelerated by Next-Generation Computing at COMPUTEX (Photo: Business Wire)

Prominent leaders in global chip development will attend COMPUTEX, aiming to assert their influence in the AI era and strengthen ties with the Taiwanese supply chain. GIGABYTE, an integral part of this industry, is honored to invite these CEOs to its booth to explore the latest technologies. GIGABYTE's diverse product lineup spans the entire AI lifecycle, featuring industry-leading technologies and flexible server solutions. These products, designed to meet future computing demands with advanced cooling solutions, will be showcased on an unprecedented scale at COMPUTEX. Additionally, GIGABYTE will present its Red Dot Award-winning PC products, new products demos, and AI experiences for gamers and creators.

GIGABYTE has consistently been the fastest to market with the most diverse range of AI servers. This year, the G593 flagship AI server series, known for its high-density features and flexible design, is displayed to support NVIDIA's next-gen chips H200 and B100, as well as models designed for AMD's MI300X. The showcase will also feature the new X series servers, based on NVIDIA's MGX modular design, which shortens development times and accelerates data center deployment. Customers can choose between AMD EPYC, Intel Xeon x86 CPUs, or NVIDIA Grace Hopper Arm superchips, offering tailored configurations for specific computational needs.

Large Language Models (LLM) have become increasingly popular in AI. To handle the growing number of parameters, GIGABYTE is showcasing servers supporting NVIDIA's latest Blackwell architecture, featuring the highly acclaimed high-density designs with the powerful B100 and B200 superchips. The B100 will be compatible with the G593 series hardware, while the B200's next-level performance introduces thermal challenges beyond the capacity of traditional air cooling. GIGABYTE has addressed this with its industry-leading thermal engineering by employing direct liquid cooling. The highly anticipated GB200 will also be demonstrated in a liquid-cooled cabinet as the GB200 NVL72, acting as a massive GPU that can achieve 30 times the inference performance of an equivalent number of H100 GPUs. This allows visitors not only to witness these innovations firsthand but also to engage in discussions about the future of AI development and computing deployment.

Introducing GIGA POD, GIGABYTE’s one-stop rack integration solution leveraging its 20+ years of server proficiency and experience gained from CSP partnerships. GIGA POD is a complete system integration including architecture planning, equipment integration, software installation, and post-deployment testing. It offers different configurations of AI servers with NVIDIA SXM or AMD Instinct GPUs or NVIDIA Superchips and is gradually expanding to future top-tier GPU-equipped AI servers. GIGA POD is also a prime demonstration of GIGABYTE’s thermal engineering, fitting an HGX module in a 5U chassis of an air-cooled G593 server. Such dense server enables customers the option to choose either a 9-rack configuration with 4 AI servers per 42U rack or a 5-rack configuration with 8 AI servers per 48U rack, achieving nearly double the utilization space and greatly improving resource efficiency. GIGABYTE has also invited Northern Data Group, a key client of its cluster computing solution (GIGA POD) and Europe’s largest generative AI cloud service provider, to participate in a special event “Executive Dialogue with AI Visionaries” with the General Manager of GIGABYTE's subsidiary, Giga Computing. The live conversation will cover the collaboration, keys to success, and perspectives on the future of AI.

AI development extends beyond GPU computations to comprehensive data center infrastructure, including storage and network transmission. GIGABYTE's R&D expertise in thermal, mechanical, and modular design ensures a diverse product range across IT architectures. At COMPUTEX, GIGABYTE will showcase servers for cloud and edge computing, high-performance, and high-density storage. Additionally, general-purpose servers for SMBs and DIY server motherboards for micro-enterprises and individuals will be displayed, supporting AI development at all scales.

GIGABYTE has pioneered advanced cooling solutions, mastering technologies like direct liquid and immersion cooling. With expertise in cross-disciplinary integration, GIGABYTE has developed its own cold plates, DLC racks, and immersion tanks, offering comprehensive cooling solutions. At COMPUTEX, GIGABYTE will showcase single-phase immersion cooling, direct liquid cooling, and a new rear-door heat exchanger (RDHx) cooling rack. Collaborating with nVent, GIGABYTE deployed Spain's third-ranked supercomputer, Hyperion, using full-rack servers with RDHx. This setup, connected to an outdoor chiller, delivers up to 54,000 watts of heat dissipation per hour, reducing air conditioning needs and effectively managing computational hotspots.

GIGABYTE presents both robust AI model training capabilities and practical AI applications through industrial-grade embedded computers. Demonstrations span smart factories with AI-enabled machine vision and high-stability embedded computers for remote control, as well as retail bars utilizing panel PCs combined with AI recognition and big data analysis. Advancements in AI and next-generation CPU/GPU also bolster smart automotive applications, enhancing ADAS and in-vehicle Telematics devices.

The rise of AI is transforming personal computing. GIGABYTE's Z790 series motherboards are designed for different scenarios, and support RTX 40 SUPER series graphics cards, deliver peak performance with enhanced core counts, VRAM, and memory speeds. Utilizing AI acceleration, the graphics cards offer exceptional computing and graphics processing for both professional tasks and AAA gaming, while preparing users for new AI-driven applications. The AORUS 17X and 16X AI laptops feature GIGABYTE's AI Nexus with AI Boost, AI Generator, and AI Power Gear, providing improved performance, seamless AI generation, and extended battery life. At our booth's AI experience area, visitors can explore the latest AI applications and real-time interactions, including NVIDIA ACE and ChatRTX, delving immersively into cutting-edge AI technologies.

Visit GIGABYTE’s COMPUTEX event page.

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