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Toshiba Adds New eFuse IC an Electronic Fuse for Repeated Use That Offers Adjustable Overvoltage Protection and FLAG Signal Output Function



Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") has added a new eFuse IC, “TCKE712BNL,” to its line-up of eFuse ICs for repeated use that support functions to protect power line circuits.

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Toshiba: TCKE712BNL, a new eFuse IC for repeated use that support functions to protect power line circuits. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Toshiba: TCKE712BNL, a new eFuse IC for repeated use that support functions to protect power line circuits. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Conventional physical fuses—glass tube fuses and chip fuses—protect power line circuits by physically shutting them down when they are in an over-current state, and once used and broken must be replaced. eFuse ICs are designed to replace such fuses in providing power line circuit protection and safety, and to deliver a range of built-in protection functions in addition to highly accurate overcurrent protection.

TCKE712BNL protects power lines with an overvoltage protection function that can be adjusted to user requirements with external resistors. It also has a built-in reverse blocking current function in the OFF state, allowing use in power multiplexer applications. In addition, its built-in protection functions cover overcurrent, short-circuit and overtemperature. It also has a FLAG function that transmits an external signal if an abnormality occurs in the circuit, making it easier to detect possible faults than with Toshiba’s current products.

Toshiba will continue to strengthen its line-up of eFuse ICs to protect power line circuits for multiple applications.


– Protection of power supply line circuits

(laptop PCs, game consoles, augmented reality and virtual reality equipment, smart speakers, robot cleaners, networking servers, etc.)


– Reverse blocking current function in OFF state

– User-defined adjustable over current/over voltage protection function

– FLAG signal output function

– Thin and compact WSON10 package : 3.00×3.00mm (typ.), t=0.75mm (max)

Main Specifications

(Unless otherwise specified, @Ta=25°C)

Part number





Size typ. (mm)

3.00×3.00, t=0.75 max

Operating ranges

Input voltage VIN (V)

4.4 to 13.2

DC characteristics

Over current limit

IOUT_CL typ. (A)







On-resistance RON typ. (mΩ)


AC characteristics

Fast trip time



@Ta= -40 to 85°C


Over current protection function

Adjustment possible

Over voltage protection function

Adjustment possible

FLAG signal output function


Reverse blocking current function


Sample Check & Availability

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