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Korean Pneumatic Parts Supplier KCC to Dominate Global Parts Supply Network in the Post-COVID-19 Era


SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sep. 21, 2020

The Korean government will implement the ‘Materials, Parts, and Equipment 2.0’ policy in order to diversify the supply network of the manufacturing industry in the post-COVID-19 era. This policy is aimed at fostering domestic businesses in the fields of materials, parts, and equipment, which serve as a basis for finished products.

In line with the government’s policy, KCC Co., Ltd., a pneumatic parts supplier in Korea, has been embarked on implementing an aggressive business strategy to dominate the future market following the COVID-19 pandemic.

KCC's B10 Series from the secondary battery production line is an essence of state-of-the-art technologies developed to meet the latest trend. The pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders, grippers, pneumatic valves, pneumatic purification devices, and vacuum pumps and pads, etc. included in B10 Series are products developed in response to the secondary battery and bipolar materials fields.

KCC’s key products are pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders applied to the transportation system, grippers that function like human fingers, pneumatic solenoid valves to regulate the actuator operation by controlling the supplied air, pneumatic purification devices to increase lifespan of equipment by controlling air quality, as well as vacuum pumps, pads, and fittings. These products are applied to mechanical, electronic, semiconductor or steel facility transportation lines in factories, power generation facilities, and system facilities for steel making, engineering, construction, and tire manufacturing.

KCC began supplying overhaul materials to Yeongheung Power Division Units 3 in 2011. It then exhibited products at the power generation industry hall of Seoul International Electric Fair in 2013 and implemented the Management Supporters project and the KOEN World Class–30 project in 2014 and 2017 respectively. KCC is also participating in a project promoted by Korea South–East Power. Recently, KCC has won recognition for its technological power by being selected for the Hi Seoul, the Excellent Company Brand of Seoul certified by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Business Agency, and as the Global Small Giant for 2020, and winning the SMEs and Startups Minister’s Award, the Trade, Industry, and Energy Minister’s Award at the Korea Precision Industry Technology Awards, and the Citation of the Chairman of Korea Packaging Machinery Association.


KCC Co., Ltd.
Hyojin Kim

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