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Taizhou Quality Manufacturing Lights up Malaysia and Thailand


— 2020 Zhejiang Taizhou Export Online Fair (Malaysia & Thailand Station – Home Appliances Session) Opens 21st September


The 2020 Zhejiang Taizhou Export Online Fair (Malaysia & Thailand Station – Home Appliances Session) is hosted by the Taizhou Municipal People’s Government, undertaken by the Taizhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and organized by Zhejiang Samexpo Exhibition & Convention Holdings Co., Ltd. This first professional cloud exhibition of small home appliance industry in Taizhou this year will be opened online on ZOOM on 21st September. The event is fully supported by Thai Housewares Trade Association and Malaysian-China Chamber of Commerce, matching high-quality purchasers to enterprises of household goods and small home appliances in Taizhou, Zhejiang.

The China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) is China's first and largest free trade zone for foreign business negotiations. At present, the total economic volume of both sides is close to 13 trillion US dollars, accounting for nearly 60% of that of Asia and 13% of the total world trade; and the tariff of over 90% of products traded with ASEAN has been reduced to zero. In recent years, the global home appliance consumer market has resumed growth, and the growth trend of small home appliances and smart home appliances is quite visible, thanks to the growth in the demand for home appliances in the emerging economies of ASEAN.

Taizhou is the birthplace of China's joint-stock cooperative economy and an important home appliance production base in China. Products including refrigerators, pressure cookers, air conditioners, sanitary ware occupy a leading position in the domestic market. Among them, pressure cookers and non-stick cookware have a domestic market share of 70% and 50% respectively, and that of refrigeration accessories exceeds 10%. The annual sales of refrigerators rank among the top of the domestic industry in 5 consecutive years, with the market share of about 25%. "Xingxing", "Supor" and "ASD" are rated as China Well-Known Trade Marks. "Xingxing" freezers, "Supor" pressure cooker and non-stick cookware, and "ASD" non-stick cookware are Chinese famous brand products. Moreover, "Xingxing" freezers, "ShuangLu" air conditioners, "Supor" non-stick cookware, and "ASD" non-stick cookware are rated as national inspection-free products.

During the period of pandemic, this online exhibition is a real impressive move taken by Taizhou Municipal People's Government and Taizhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce to further support Taizhou's foreign trade enterprises.

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