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KBank launches ‘Wealth PLUS’ feature to help customers manage their personalized investment portfolio on K PLUS



imgKASIKORNBANK (KBank) has launched the ‘Wealth PLUS’ feature on K PLUS to serve as a personal assistant for customers in their portfolio management on the mobile app. The innovative feature is specifically designed for customers who seek financial security but have no time to keep track of their investments, which causes them to miss out on good opportunities. This new feature personalizes portfolio arrangement to best suit each individual target, monitoring and rebalancing the portfolio regularly based on market circumstances. With risk diversification, customers can achieve their set target more consistently and in a shorter time. Wealth PLUS is therefore suitable for the new generation wanting to get started with investing; they can choose a portfolio with long-term security or one with a clear goal such as saving to buy a car, for travel or for retirement. To get started, customers simply make an initial investment of 10,000 Baht without needing to go to a branch or submit any documents, and no fee is charged. Wealth PLUS allows customers to:

Design an investment portfolio tailored to their personal financial goals: Wealth PLUS selects mutual funds that diversify risks and offer appropriate returns per each customer’s risk appetite and target investment period, with market conditions also in mind.

Enjoy automatic risk diversification without the need for exhaustive calculation: Wealth PLUS focuses on portfolio investment, i.e., investing in a myriad of mutual funds at an appropriate ratio, helping customers to automatically diversify risks without the need to calculate by themselves.

Monitor and maintain portfolios around-the-clock: Wealth PLUS will auto-rebalance portfolios when they are affected by drastic changes in market conditions, letting customers remain worry-free.  In normal circumstances, portfolios are auto-rebalanced every six months.  

Wealth PLUS requires an initial investment of only 10,000 Baht and a minimum of 1,000 Baht for subsequent investments – customers can select an automatic monthly investment plan (DCA) or invest at their own convenience.

Free usage with no additional fees whatsoever, apart from regular fund subscription, redemption and switching fee.

For more information on Wealth PLUS, visit https://kbank.co/2N29qtU or call the K-Contact Center at Tel. 02-888-8888, press 4, then press 1.

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