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Technologies Developed by the Ministry-led Open Innovation Activity Are Now Open to Discuss for Possible Future International Collaboration.



MAFF has just published the “Technology List” covering the novel technologies developed under the Ministry-led open innovation activity named “Field for Knowledge Integration and Innovation (FKII)”. The technologies listed are developed by the R&D groups which are keen to explore possible future collaboration with foreign countries in agriculture, forestry, fisheries and food areas.

[FKII, open innovation led by MAFF]

FKII started in April 2016 aiming at growing Japanese agriculture, forestry, fisheries and food industries by integrating the “knowledge” and technologies.

Various industries and fields such as private firms, producers, farmers, universities and R&D institutions have joined the membership (3,200 members, as of Feb 2020) and then formed R&D platforms where the members conduct actual R&D activities (170 R&D platforms organized, as of Feb 2020).

[Technology List]

Technologies listed are open to discuss for possible future collaboration in the area shown below: 

  1. Plant factory system
  2. Functional compounds purified from mushrooms
  3. New materials derived from woods
  4. Aquaculture technology

Details are also available at FKII website


[FKII’s Activity Plan for 2020]

– International matching seminar to be held in Singapore by MAFF and National University of Singapore to exchange the ideas for possible future collaboration between two countries.

View source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200309005878/en/


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Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan
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