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KBank cares for the environment, stepping forward to be a Zero-Carbon Organization Replacing drinking water plastic bottles with paper boxes


Bangkok–(THAI BUSINESS NEWS)–Jan. 15, 2020


KBank is a Bank of Sustainability that seriously focuses on environment conservation, realizing the importance of solutions to address the increasingly severe effects of climate change. KBank has aimed at becoming a Zero-Carbon Organization and launched an initiative to reduce the use of plastics in the organization from January 15 by replacing KBank plastic bottles for drinking water (KBank brand) with a 330 ml paper box sourced from managed forests in accordance with the standard of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The effort will help reduce the emission of greenhouse gas and mitigate the effect of climate change, which is closer than people think. Moreover, it has a direct impact on the economy, society and environment of the country. KBank has been aware of this issue and determined to implement corporate-wide concrete actions, starting from setting strategies, adjusting work processes and services while promoting the knowledge and understanding of employees in order to change their behavior. This year, KBank has policies and work plans on waste management, steady reduction of plastic use, efficient energy consumption and other environmental conservation efforts to transform KBank into a true Zero-Carbon Organization.

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