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QI Ecological Summit Forum, a new key point of annual investment


Press Release Bangkok –(THAI BUSINESS NEWS)– Jan. 10, 2020

Sydney, Australia Huang Qifan, deputy director of the China International Economic Exchange Center, once said that with the gradual penetration of blockchain technology in the financial field, the implementation of the underlying technology of transnational finance has also been rewritten. And one of the ECB's most prestigious board members, Benoît Coeuré, also told that the bank is developing a digital currency as an alternative to cash.

At the first Quantitative Index Ecological Summit Forum held by Qi in Bangkok, Qi ’s general manager, Isaac Liu, who has been involved in the blockchain industry for more than five years, said “From the past experience and the overall market environment, the value of each bitcoin It will be more than $ 100,000. "Isaac Liu and the teams from China, Australia, Sweden, Germany, the United States, Taiwan, Malaysia established the" Quantitative Index ". In the future, Qi will focus on the establishment of the blockchain ecosystem. Utilizing its unique volume control index and Bitcoin trading model, as well as the great opportunity for Bitcoin to reduce production in 2020, Qi will develop unique innovative applications to create a common, co-creative, sharing, and common prosperity blockchain ecosystem.

Therefore, building a new clearing and settlement network has become the consensus of many countries. And Bitcoin is the best investment option since 2010. Uber, Airbnb, or Snapchat are not as valuable as Bitcoin. During the forum, Dr. Azmi, a senior blockchain expert and general consultant, will discuss with Dr. Liew Voon Kiong, a strategy and technology consultant, E3t, a blockchain incubator, and Dr. Clarence Lee, chief technology officer. Looking into the future, new financial formats such as quantitative investment and intelligent investment advisory, artificial intelligence pricing and claims settlement, financial cloud services, and blockchain certificate keeping are evolving, and will lead the financial industry into a new era.

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