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MINISO Showed Up on Landmark Buildings in Six International Cities



Yesterday, the MINISO x Marvel promotion video was shown on several famous landmarks in New York, Shanghai, Seoul, Bangkok, Jakarta and Madrid. Several LED screens in such places, such as the Thomson Reuters in America, the Callao Lights in Madrid and the Twin Towers in Shanghai Global Harbor, played the promotion video simultaneously for releasing the signal that MINISO has cooperated with Marvel to deliver brand new co-branded products for global fans and consumers who love Marvel and MINISO.

The new series of products jointly launched by MINISO in cooperation with Marvel Entertainment worldwide, cover toys, daily necessities, stationery, gifts and hats, which feature heroes like Captain America, Spider Man, Iron Man and Hulk. Over 300 SKUs has been launched in more than 1000 stores in the world. In addition, MINISO also opened the MINISO x Marvel IP stores in more than 20 countries and regions, paying more attention to the sales planning and scenario presentation of IP product series. The co-branded products are popular among fans, creating new record of store sales.

Ms Ada Dou, the executive vice president of MINISO Commodity Center, said that the reason why Marvel decided to cooperate with us was that MINISO has retail terminals covering the global markets with high standards of product design and quality control at a low price. The collaboration also provides an opportunity for both parties to reach their target audience. “Marvel and MINISO has formed a subtle complementary relationship. Marvel can open up the female market, while MINISO can attract more male consumers,” said Ada.

By sticking to the principle of officially licensing with affordable price, MINISO overturns what people have always known about licensing products. It developed a brand-new ecological IP product model to offer consumers low-cost products with good design, gradually realizing the transformation from household goods retailer to fashionable IP store.

MINISO, the household goods retailer, is believed to slowly changing the views of many people on the general household goods store, and it is also subtly changing consumers’ thoughts on the aesthetics of life. Perhaps one day, we will be accustomed to buying the cost-effective products that elaborately designed by global designers in the MINISO stores around the places we work or live.


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