Jubilee Ace’s Global Launch Conference Was Successfully Held in Macau




On May 29th, the global launch conference of Jubilee Ace was held in Macau. The company's top executives and management team attended the meeting. The conference participants were represented by members from various countries, as well as partners and well-known media outlets.

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(Photo: Business Wire)

(Photo: Business Wire)

During the conference, the company's management discussed the strategic plan for 2019 and proposed measures to create a conducive atmosphere that promotes teamwork and happy working environment while staying ahead of competitors.

Additionally, the management called upon all staff of Jubilee Ace to be united as one while striving to achieve the company’s goals in 2019. The management urged the leaders from various departments to observe the four aspects of Jubilee Ace’s plan. This includes following through with the plan, implementation, performance tracking, and results analysis. The observance of the aforementioned will accelerate and ensure the company’s goals will be achieved. The conference emphasised that the company is at an important phase in its’ beginning. An introduction of the business model and development plan was given together with detailed directions for obtaining resources.

The conference culminated in a speech given by the management team. The management enthusiastically congratulated the company on its global launch while expressing sincere gratitude to the attendees. Furthermore, the blueprint and prospects of Jubilee Ace were unveiled. The senior leaders also expressed their commitment to lead by example while seeking the cooperation from all staff to contribute and realise their full potential!

A “live” demonstration by the head of the technical department demonstrated the powerful cryptocurrency hedging software of Jubilee Ace. The “live” demonstration yielded considerable results as participants witnessed the power of the software. These results achieved during the “live” demonstration is a testament of the strength and reliability of Jubilee Ace.

Jubilee Ace is a high-tech investment data company which uses a customised platform for the sports financial market. The platform improves and perfects the data processing with data monetisation as the main goal. Through high-tech in-depth analysis and superb market decision-making, the platform can generate lucrative risk-free profits. In addition to sports arbitrage projects, the company has been diligently developing applications like the Aqua Encrypted Digital Currency System and the Aqua Commodity System. These two powerful systems have greatly expanded the scope of business and provided better, safer and more convenient services. The profits that our members have gained through our company platforms has helped Jubilee Ace grow and thrust us into top spot as the leading foreign exchange trading company.

With the conclusion of the conference, the management took the lead in planning and deliberating specific measures, solutions, job scopes and roles. Difficulties that employees might face were anticipated, discussed and addressed to ensure a solid working foundation for all.

With the concerted effort from all employees, Jubilee Ace will surely achieve remarkable results in 2019, as the company looks toward the future!

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Mr. Mansion Greenwood
Press Officer